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News Archive > General > Height of railway bridge over main road may be increased

Height of railway bridge over main road may be increased

By Natasha Swift 9th August 2017

Height of railway bridge over main road may be increased
THE busy road under the bridge

INCREASING the height of Holmbush bridge is to be explored by Cornwall Council to help tackle the problem of lorries using residential roads around St Austell to avoid it.

In February Cornwall councillor for the Poltair ward, Jackie Bull, asked the local authority to consider raising the height of the bridge and treat it as a priority after complaints from residents on Slades Road about lorries thundering through the residential area.

Signs banning lorries from using Slades Road cannot currently be installed as HGVs have no choice but to use the route because they are too big to fit under the bridge on the A390.

Last year Mrs Bull asked all big name stores in St Austell to ensure that their delivery drivers avoided the busy residential area.

Mrs Bull wrote to the bosses of Asda, Tesco, B&M, B&Q, Iceland and Halfords outlining the problem of huge lorries using the steep hill on Slades Road after residents contacted her to raise their concerns about HGVs using the route.

In March 1993 a resident was killed after a lorry using Slades Road lost control and crashed into a butchers.

MP for St Austell Steve Double also spoke to the stores last year requesting that they use smaller lorries which could negotiate the bridge on Holmbush Road to avoid using Slades Road.

A feasibility study is now due to get underway later this year on the possibility of increasing the height of the railway bridge.

Mrs Bull said: “It’s absolutely crucial to the wellbeing of residents in St Austell who live in roads that take traffic from south to north and have schools but it is imperative we get action in the lowering of the road at Holmbush to get these lorries away from children and to solve this forever.”

A Cornwall Council spokesman said: “We are aware of the problems caused by large lorries that are driving in residential areas to avoid using Holmbush bridge.

“Increasing the height clearance under the railway bridge would require major engineering works.

“A feasibility study is soon to be commissioned to see if this is viable, however, the initial view is that this would be very costly and an engineering challenge.”

Cornwall councillor for Bethel, Malcolm Brown, said: “Residents in many of the streets between the North East Distributor Road and the A390  are suffering disturbance from heavy lorries using these roads as short cuts.

“This is dangerous, increases pollution and raises background noise levels. Some of the roads worst affected are Treverbyn Road, Slades Road, Sandy Hill, Bethel Road and Daniels Lane.

“Many of these lorries are servicing the town’s supermarkets and so councillor Jackie Bull and I have been working together to try to encourage the supermarkets to use routes which affect least people.

“A resident and I have contacted Tesco and I have also engaged with Lidl about what they will do when their new store opens this week. I am encouraged by what they are both saying.

“The store that has the greatest problems is Asda because their lorries cannot get under the railway bridge at Holmbush Road. A long term solution is only possible if work is done to the road there.

“We will continue to take every opportunity to  argue the case.”

By Natasha Swift 9th August 2017

Ol´ Puffer 11th August 2017 16:27
It was only a few months ago we were told this route was suffering from such heavy exhaust pollution that the CCC was considering Compulsory Purchases of homes along the road. Now, we are being told they want to send even more traffic along this route, causing even heavier pollution. Come on CCC get a grip and communicate with each other!
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