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News Archive > General > ‘My terrier Barney (21) is oldest in the world’

‘My terrier Barney (21) is oldest in the world’

By Adele Moore 12th July 2017

‘My terrier Barney (21)  is oldest in the world’
Marie Holt with Barney the 21 year old Norfolk Terrier

MEET Barney - who is believed to be the oldest Norfolk terrier in the world, and a part-time potential life-saver.

At aged 21, the handsome chap is believed to have outlived his counterparts by up to NINE years.

He is well-known on internet forums and thousands of dog lovers from all over the world chat to his owner Marie Holt, from Snowlands, Par.

Not content with being a superstar of the dog world, Barney also offers a lifeline to Ms Holt, who suffers from diabetes.

Totally untrained, Barney alerts Marie when her blood sugars are low by nudging her legs.

It is all a heart-warming turn around for the little dog, who started life being mis-treated by a previous owner.

Marie said: “He is my second skin.

“When I rescued him, he had been treated badly. The vet said Barney might not survive. He was covered in scabs, he had mange and fleas and was really underfed.

“Now he plays football on the beach with a special ball called a boomer - which is solid so he can’t bite through it.”

Ms Holt said that the oldest Norfolk terrier previous to Barney was aged 18.

She is confident about the dog’s age and world status because the previous owners bought the dog when he was a puppy and kept him for six years. Ms Holt has kept Barney all the remaining time.

“People love him. I’ve had contact with people from Russia, the USA and Canada,” she added.

“I don't know what I would do without him.”

By Adele Moore 12th July 2017

Lili 26th July 2017 13:11
My friends Norfolk lived until 22 and 5 months. Sorry x
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