A prominent councillor has called on the community to do their bit to help Newquay become cleaner and greener.

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News Archive > General > Councillor in scheme to clean up resort

Councillor in scheme to clean up resort

By Warren Wilkins 18th July 2018

Councillor in scheme to clean up resort
Cllr Dixon with fly-tipping mess

A prominent councillor has called on the community to do their bit to help Newquay become cleaner and greener.

Councillor Zoe Dixon is urging residents, shop owners, visitors, Newquay Town Council and organisations to work together to improve the resort.

The chairman of the footpaths and open spaces committee’s vision is to create a clean town where the streets and public spaces are free from litter, fly-tipped materials, graffiti, fly-posting, illegal signage, stickers, street clutter, dog fouling, damaged or unmaintained street furniture, cluttered A signs, advertising boards on pedestrian walkways and dirty pavements

She also wants to ensure Newquay has maintained roundabouts that act as a welcome to the gateways of Newquay, pleasant public horticultural displays across beds, banks, baskets and planters as well a trimmed and tidy grass verges.

Cllr Dixon additionally wants to see well kept formal and informal green spaces, footpaths that are regularly maintained to ensure clear pathways that encourage people to walk, allotments that are managed and sufficient to meet demand, well kept green spaces, gardens, parks and cemeteries, actions in place to achieve Plastic Free status and policies that ensure the protection and management of the natural environment.

The councillor aims to achieve her aims and aspirations through the town council’s new engagement forum, which will provide an opportunity for a range of organisations to work together on day to day issues as well as major projects.

She also plans to develop better communication and partnerships between Cornwall Council, Newquay Town Council, residents, businesses, volunteer groups, residents associations and Newquay BID.

Cllr Dixon believes residents and visitors can play a major part in helping make Newquay a better place to live and visit.

Cllr Dixon said: “A public community engagement survey has provided useful feedback on areas needing attention that can help inform an action plan that can be implemented not just by the council but by volunteers and groups of people who want to help love where we live.

“Our overall aim should be to ensure that Newquay is a welcoming clean, green town for residents and visitors entering the town whether on foot, by car, bus, train or even boat.

“All residents and visitors can help rather than just post comments on social media. They should act upon the information.

“Report issues to Cornwall Council, pick up after your dogs, pick up an extra poo if you see one. Don’t drop litter but also pick up litter that they see and participate with voluntary groups to undertake specific projects.”

Cllr Dixon believes there are various ways Newquay Town Council, their partners and voluntary groups can work in partnership to help improve the town through the Open Spaces Team who can implement an annual planned maintenance schedule to specific areas to provide additional and enhanced level of service to that provided by Cornwall Council.

They could also encourage planting schemes for key gateway roundabouts and contacting bus and train operators to ensure stations are colourful, clean, tidy and welcoming.

Cllr Dixon would like to see a scheme where the town grows its own plants and creates its own planters and hanging baskets and flower beds to enhance Newquay particularly along the main footfall areas of Cliff Road, East Street, Tram Tracks, Bank Street and Fore Street.

Other ideas she has to make Newquay cleaner and greener includes encouraging and supporting volunteer groups to undertake improvement projects in their own areas, facilitate cross working of local community horticultural groups as well as create art installations and murals to add colour throughout Newquay.

Cllr Dixon also believes landlords and business owners should be encouraged to love where they work and take pride in their businesses appearance, shop front and curtilage.

She will additionally be seeking to increase the town council enforcement powers to show a zero tolerance to those who litter or dog foul and publicising community progress and encourage community involvement through regular updates and introduction of "You said, We listened" articles that could be posted on the town notice boards, website, social media, in the local press and by encouraging residents associations and business forums to cascade the information.

To report an issue to Cornwall Council visit https://www.cornwall.gov.uk/report-it/

By Warren Wilkins 18th July 2018

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