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News Archive > General > Bloodhound set to roar

Bloodhound set to roar

By Warren Wilkins 25th October 2017

Bloodhound set to roar
The Bloodhound prepares for testing at Cornwall Airport Newquay.

THOUSANDS of people will be descending on Cornwall Airport Newquay to watch a supersonic car undertake ‘low speed’ trials ahead of its attempt to break the world land speed record.

The Bloodhound SSC will be reaching speeds of up to 200mph in nine seconds along the 1.7-mile long runway.

The public will have an opportunity to watch the car in action tomorrow (Thursday) and around 4,000 local schoolchildren will be visiting next Monday as part of the Bloodhound’s education programme, which aims to inspire the next generation of engineers.

Driver Andy Green will accelerate from zero to 200mph within 4,250 feet. The Bloodhound will aim to make two runs while the airport is closed to air traffic.

The shows will be the culmination of several weeks of testing at Cornwall Airport Newquay to fine tune the Bloodhound’s steering, suspension and brakes before the vehicle travels to the Hakskeen Pan desert in South Africa next year for the world record attempt, which currently stands at 763mph. The aim is to raise the mark in two stages by first reaching speeds of 800mph and then 1,000mph.

Chief engineer Mark Chapman said: “It is going to be stunning. The Bloodhound will be going up to 200mph in something like nine seconds.

“In the last couple of weeks we have put the fin on so the car now looks like the CGI images people may have seen. The Bloodhound now looks like everyone imagined it would look like. The testing has gone better than we expected. I previously visited in 2012 while the hybrid rocket was tested in 2012 and we’ve now come back for the trials to check the car’s steering, suspension and brakes.

“We initially undertook a static test and then low speed trials to see what the car is capable of, which has been amazing.

“It is unlike anything I have seen before. It makes your chest rumble.

“We have been so lucky to be here in Newquay. The Aerohub has been the perfect location for us as we have been able to work in a hardened aircraft shelter.

“We have also had huge support from the local community, including the airport and RAF St

“We are unsure what date the Bloodhound will be travelling to South Africa next year for the record attempt.

“We will have to look at weather windows and funding before deciding the next step for the rocket programme.”

Anyone interested in purchasing tickets to watch the Bloodhound can visit www.

By Warren Wilkins 25th October 2017

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