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News Archive > General > Postal worker in plea over dog attack

Postal worker in plea over dog attack

By Warren Wilkins 6th September 2017

Postal worker in plea over dog attack
Postwoman Claire Stanyer has been scarred for life.

A postwoman is urging dog owners to ensure their pets are under control after being savagely mauled while delivering post in Newquay.

Claire Stanyer has been scarred for life after receiving bites to her arm and upper leg when she was attacked by a German Shepherd at Gannel View on Saturday, July 8.

She spent three days being treated for her injuries at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro, which included undergoing surgery. The postwoman has been off work since and has been so traumatised by the incident she is unsure about returning to her career of 16 years, which she has enjoyed so much.

Claire said: “I was on the pavement carrying a bundle of mail when the dog charged out of the front door and jumped on me. It was a proper attack like what you would see on the television. I was bitten on my arm in the first attack.

“As I managed to get my arm out of its mouth the dog jumped up and bit me on the bum and the top of my leg. It was so frightening.

“Due to the bacteria in a dog’s mouth they had to wash out the saliva and make sure there was no teeth or dirt in the wound so it could not be stitched up. The wound had to be dressed every 48 hours and washed with seaweed, which contains natural iodine. I’m just glad it was me that got attacked and not the young girl and elderly person who were opposite. They may not have survived the attack.

“My message to dog owners is never be complacent with their pets, not just for the sake of postal workers but for the public as well.

“They are animals at the end of the day who are protecting their homes and families. The Royal Mail regularly reminds postal workers about the dangers while delivering post but dog owners should be more aware.

“So many times while delivering post dogs have been aggressive and the owner says don’t worry it has never bitten anyone before, and then they nip you. It happens literally every day. Dogs do not like postal workers turning up at their property every day. Owners should make sure their dogs are locked away if they need to open their front door.

“A lot of owners have big cages for their dogs but sometimes they just trust their pets when we knock on the door.

“I’m scarred for life. Hopefully in time I will be braver but I really do not know if I will go back to being a post person, which is a job that I have really enjoyed.”

By Warren Wilkins 6th September 2017

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