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News Archive > General > Appeal for injured ex-wrestler

Appeal for injured ex-wrestler

By Warren Wilkins 30th August 2017

Appeal for injured ex-wrestler
Alex Smith is treated by paramedics after his trampoline accident.

A fundraising appeal has been launched after a former professional wrestler from Newquay broke his back while trampolining.

Alex Smith, whose ring name was Matt Slater, suffered a spinal fracture in the incident, which happened at a trampoline park on July 11 (above).

The appeal has been launched to help Alex, his wife Alison and their two children, Taylor, aged six, and Coral, two, while he recovers from the injury. Alex, whose signature and finishing moves included the superkick and the S-factor, has largely been bed-bound since the accident, which has left the family struggling to pay the bills as he was the sole breadwinner.

A spokesman for the appeal said: “So, after eight years of pro-wrestling, Matt Slater was lucky enough to leave the business without a major injury. Unfortunately, this is where the good news ends as he suffered a spinal fracture. The obvious pain and fear was immediate and was dealt with by medical professionals who arrived quickly on the scene. However, a broken back is clearly not something that can be treated easily and will leave the family in desperate need.

“Alex is the lone income earner, trying to provide for his young family with a life they deserve. Now completely bed- bound and with an uncertain future he needs the help of his friends and family to help keep a roof over his family’s heads and food on the table.

“He risked his body for the entertainment of others and supported those who needed help and now he is the one in need. Anything that people can spare to help get Alex and his family through this very difficult and scary time will make a huge difference.”

The Go Fund Me appeal has so far raised £835 toward the £1,000 total. Alex posted: “I honestly cannot believe the amount of love and support from everybody. I’ve sat and read through all my messages and donations and it makes me feel so incredibly lucky to have so many people who care. Everyone who has donated, shared, texted, called and messaged me has made this so much easier to deal with and I can’t thank them enough.

“Since I got out of hospital I’ve had some days where I've struggled both physically and mentally but I am getting better in both. I still struggle to sleep at night but when my day consists of laying on the sofa all day that’s not surprising. I have managed to get out on a couple of occasions, including having a drink at the beach bar with my wife and my best friends, which meant so much to me.

“Medically, I don’t know any more than I did when I was discharged from hospital. I had my appointment with the doctor and an X-ray but I do not think I will hear anything unless it’s bad news so I’m hoping that’s not the case!  I’m feeling better each day and I owe a lot of it to everyone who has supported me.”

Anyone who’d like to make a donation can visit www.go fundme.
com/alex-matt-slater-smith -spinal

By Warren Wilkins 30th August 2017

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