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News Archive > General > Baby meerkats born at zoo

Baby meerkats born at zoo

By Warren Wilkins 9th August 2017

Baby meerkats born at zoo
The baby meerkats at Newquay Zoo

VISITORS to Newquay Zoo can now get a glimpse of three meerkat kittens currently being looked after inside their enclosure.

Staff welcomed the three kittens when they were born at the zoo on May 8 and the three are currently been looked after by the mob in the burrows of their enclosure at the zoo. The three kittens have been born into the existing group of 15. Parenting will be a group effort, as would be the case in the wild.

Newquay Zoo has been keeping meerkats since 1994 – so far there have been 71 kittens born at the zoo and staff are hopeful that more will be bred in coming years.

Now aged 13 weeks, the kittens continue to be cared for by the mob. Although visible in the
enclosure, the mob protects and guards the young trio, who are often surrounded by the rest of the group. Within the mob there is a dominant male and female, of which the female is the leader. The remainder of the mob, which consists of nine females and six males, are children or siblings of the dominant pair.

A spokesperson from the zoo said: “Originating in South Western Africa, the main threat to meerkats in the wild are birds of prey. The aerial menace has caused the species to adapt so that a member of the mob is on watch at all times – the behaviour can be seen in zoo meerkats. Adults eat mainly insects and small mammals.

By Warren Wilkins 9th August 2017

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