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News Archive > General > Homeless veteran gets help thanks to appeal

Homeless veteran gets help thanks to appeal

By Warren Wilkins 10th May 2017

Homeless veteran gets help thanks to appeal

AN army veteran living on the streets in Newquay has been given a new home following a media appeal.
Chris Davidson, who served in the Cheshire and Mercian Regiment, became homeless following a divorce. He sat for many days in Bank Street with a sign stating ‘Ex Army, just divorced, starting over, will work for a room thank you.’

The Facebook Army community page Fill Your Boots helped to publicise Chris’ predicament stressing that he does not have drug or alcohol issues and had just fallen on ‘hard times,’ which was shared 2,182 times, received 835 likes and nearly 300 comments.  

Numerous people around the country offered Chris a place to stay but he managed to get accommodation in Newquay after David Wood, a co-ordinator for the charity Help 4 Homeless Veterans saw the post and stepped forward to help out. He reportedly drove for four hours to ensure Chris has somewhere to stay after it was verified he did serve in the Army. David joined forces with Newquay Surf Veterans to organise somewhere locally for Chris to stay and the organisation will be looking after the Army veteran’s needs going forward. He was due to move into his accommodation on Monday.
Mr Wood posted on Fill Your Boots: "I am pleased to announce that Chris has spent his last night on the streets of Newquay.

"Thanks to Help 4 Homeless Veterans, a place has been found for him and the charity will pay all fees to move him into his new home. I would also like to thank Newquay Surf Veterans who have been a huge help  and will be looking after the veteran's needs. Chris sends his thanks to everyone on this group for all your support."
Kirsty Green later posted:  “I’m a military wife and would just like to send a massive thanks out to everybody who is offering this guy help. It can happen to any of us so seriously thank you.
“It’s good to know there are good people out there who will help our ex servicemen and woman.”

Homeless charities estimate there are about 7,000 ex-servicemen and women living rough in the UK and in desperate need of a roof over their head.
The Armed Forces Covenant and Community Covenant were introduced in 2012 as a contract stating Britain’s war heroes should take priority when it comes to affordable housing, signed by 407 local authorities including Cornwall Council but Mr Wood believes more needs to be done to ensure veterans are not made homeless.
Mr Wood said: “When is this going to stop? When are the general public, and every single veteran in this country, going to stand up and say the treatment of our veterans is absolutely disgusting?"

By Warren Wilkins 10th May 2017

Emma 12th May 2017 23:12
I´m sorry but Fill your boots need to check their facts. I appreciate they are trying to help but they should not be asking for donations on the premise that the person you will be giving your money does not have alcohol or drug issues. Unless they have completed a drug test, how can they be confident this is true when they are asking people to donate their hard earned money?
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