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News Archive > General > Campaign to stop noisy party house at Pentire

Campaign to stop noisy party house at Pentire

By Warren Wilkins 10th May 2017

A campaign has been launched to stop a property in Pentire from being rented out as a party house after residents lives have been disturbed in recent weeks.
‘Stop Stag and Hens Staying in Pentire’ has been set up following number seven Lawton Close being marketed as Halula Beach House, “the perfect 10 bedroom beach pad where you are free to relax, party or perhaps a combination of both.”

Neighbours in the quiet residential area claim their lives are being blighted by the rowdy behaviour of some of the guests partying at the property, which sleeps between 18 and 24 people and boasts a swimming pool, hot tub and outside bar. They fear noise emitted from the property will escalate when the main tourism season gets underway.
Residents have also stated there has been an increase in alcoholic bottles being left in the lane outside the property since it has been rented out as a party house. There have additionally been problems with the amount of cars parking outside the property.
The Stop Stag and Hens Staying in Pentire campaign is now calling on residents “affected by noise from the 24 person party house” to telephone Cornwall Council’s environmental health team so action can be taken.

Campaign leaflets have been posted through resident’s letterboxes in the area and the issue has been also been raised on social media.
A resident, who did not want to be named, said: “The property is being advertised as a party house in a non-residential area. It is being rented out and targeted to stag and hen parties via various websites.
“Over the last few weeks noise has been an issue for several residents in the surrounding area during the daytime and and the evenings. We have endured another weekend of constant noise from the outside ‘partying area’ at this property all day and late into the night. Recordings of the noise are being submitted to the council as evidence.
“There has also been seven vehicles parked at the property with around 20 occupants. This looks like a constant theme with different groups arriving each weekend. Are we to be put through this throughout the summer?”

A neighbour added: “I have heard noise from the property from within our house three times. The noise sounds like there is some sort of disturbance going on outside. When I’ve gone outside to make sure everything is ok I’ve realised its drunken antics.
“I have noticed recently when stag and hens have stayed at the property bottles being left in the lane, which I have not noticed before in the three years I’ve lived here. The other night people were partying there until at least 10.50pm. They were making loads of noise  chanting and taking part in general stag antics.
“In the future the room at the back is going to be our baby ’s bedroom so we could have issues with the child being woken up.”
Another neighbour said: “We have been affected by the noise because there have been up to 24 people staying in there. One of the reasons I moved my bedroom from the back of the house to the front was because of the noise from the property.
“The property has also increased the traffic flow down the service lane late at night as well as rubbish.”

The marketing states Halula Beach House has been “lovingly designed and furnished to the highest of standards to enable guests to relax, party and come together.” But residents believe there is no planning permission in place for the property to have been converted from two three bedroomed bungalows into a single dwelling.
Many residents also believe Steve Beseant, who was the director of Penpol when he was declared personally bankrupt in 2009, has an interest in 7 Lawton Close. The property magnate had a mass development vision for Newquay but it all came to an end when companies of his were placed in compulsory liquidation owing millions of pounds. Mr Beasant stated at the time: “There is nothing hidden away – no money elsewhere – like some have suggested.”

Cornwall Council is investigating the alleged noise from Halula Beach House and the alleged unauthorised conversion of the two semi-detached dwellings into a holiday let.
A spokesman said: “There have been no further planning permissions to the 2014 consent to build two three bedroomed semi-detached bungalows and new single garages; although there have been some non-material amendments.
“Planning permission is not usually required to use a property as holiday accommodation; as both a residential home and a holiday let fall within the same class C3 uses. Planning enforcement is investigating the alleged unauthorised conversion of the two semi-detached dwellings into a holiday let sleeping up to 24 people; and a Planning Contravention Notice has been served on the registered owner in order to gain more information. This will help the Council to decide the most appropriate course of action.

“Environmental Health is also currently investigating the allegations of noise nuisance.”
A representative from Halula Beach House declined to make a comment about the noise complaints, the ownership of the property or the planning permission in place.
A Pentire Residents Association post on its Facebook page states: “Are you being affected by noise from the 24 person party house at 7 Lawton Close?
“If so, telephone for complaints - best at actual time of disturbance - 0300 1234 202. Out of hours complaints treat as an emergency and press 1 as advised. The call will be answered and it would help if the operator can actually hear the noise down the telephone. You can also log on to and/or send a video highlighting the disturbance.”

By Warren Wilkins 10th May 2017

Ruth Pratt 11th May 2017 21:13
Your NOT the only ones we have the same problem in Chylan Crescent for the 3 year running ,house on Quintrel Rd was bought converted to a Party house,Hot tub and wall mounted speakers and can accommodate 20 people on Stag-Hen but after countless police visits and Noise MONITORS and records being kept for the council it still continues. We basically cant relax in our back garden, have to increase the volume of the tv all this in whats meant to be a quiet residential area, i sympathise with Lawton close
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