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News Archive > General > Dog fine carpark protest

Dog fine carpark protest

By Warren Wilkins 10th May 2017

Dog fine carpark protest

AN angry resident blocked off Porth Beach after his partner was threatened with a £100 fine for walking her dog to her vehicle in the car park on Tuesday morning.
Darren Cooledge parked his vehicle across the entrance to the car park following a Cornwall Council dog welfare and enforcement officer warning Gabriella Gilkes she would be slapped with the penalty if she did it again.

Dogs are banned from being walked on Porth Beach between May 1 and September 30 between 9am and 7pm.
But Gabriella, a shark biologist who helped set up Newquay Marine Group,  states she had paid to park her vehicle at the beach car park and was approached by the enforcement officer when she went to move it with her dog Miki, an Irish Terrier in tow. She was left in tears after the enforcement officer allegedly prevented her from driving off.

Darren decided to end his protest after the police arrived and held talks to resolve the matter.
Gabriella said: “The council charges me to use the car park and then tries to fine me when I go to move the vehicle. I did not want to overstay my ticket. The enforcement officer watched me walk my dog on the public grass above the beach by the phone box and dispose of the mess responsibly.

“I then took three steps to my car and put the dog in the back and the enforcement officer comes over, puts his knee between the door and says he does not want the dog in the car park. There was no solutions given. He just said he should give me a fine but the car park should not count as being part of the beach.
“I moved away from the city to get away from this intrusive local authority behaviour. It is being jobsworth and over zealous.”

Darren said: “Gabriella is a pillar of the community. I understand the council does not want dogs on the beach but for the enforcement officer to stop her from driving away after walking four steps into the car park is ridiculous.”
Adrian Fitzgerald, the Cornwall Council dog welfare and enforcement officer, said: “From our point of view there is a ban from walking dogs on Porth Beach between 9am and 7pm between May 1 and September 30.

“I advised her that I did not want to see her on the beach with her dog again. As a local she must know the rules. If she brings a dog on the beach again she will be given a ticket.”
PC Darryl Mares, who attended the incident, said: “He could have been charged with obstructing a public place because at the end of the day people cannot walk their dog on the beach.”

By Warren Wilkins 10th May 2017

Steve Thomas 11th May 2017 08:07
The car park is ON the beach ..... not rocket science is it. My only comment is that this is fine so long as the officers are consistent, but they aren´t are they. In the summer you will see visitors with dogs on the beach in the day time and you will see nothing done about it. Usually thats because they are the kind of people that officers don´t want to tackle, which of course, isn´t good enough.
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