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News Archive > General > Dog ban lifted at Porth

Dog ban lifted at Porth

By Warren Wilkins 8th February 2017

Dog ban lifted at Porth
Newquay´s Porth Beach.

A contentious 24-hour ban on dogs being permitted on Porth Beach during the summer months has been overturned.

Cornwall Council has agreed to introduce a partial ban which will exclude dogs just between 9am and 7pm between April 1 and September 30.

The decision has come about after the Government changed the legislation that controls and restricts dogs from public spaces. Cornwall Council subsequently held a public consultation to decide how to apply the new rules on beaches in the county in January.

Porth Dog Action Group led a campaign to get the rules changed, which was backed by dozens of residents and visitors who objected to being penalised as people are allowed to walk their pets on every other beach in the area during the summer months, but others voiced their opinion they would like to keep the area dog-free.

The Communities Policy and Advisory Committee recommended the partial ban at its meeting on January 31. Newquay Central Cornwall councillor Geoff Brown, the Cabinet member for Communities, is set to rubberstamp the recommendation. The decision is subsequently set to be reviewed and renewed every three years.

Cllr John Fitter said: “I welcome the decision. I would have liked the exclusion to have been between 10am until 6pm to coincide with the lifeguard duty.

“I thought it would also have been better to start the exclusion from May 1 until September 30. However I’m very grateful that Cornwall Council recognised the replies from the recent consultation. There has been an overwhelming desire from people from the Porth area to be allowed to take their dogs on the beach. I’m grateful there has been a partial lifting of the ban.

“I do believe both groups of people have had their concerns addressed. Dog owners can now take their dogs on the beach at times during the summer months whilst some people have had their concerns addressed by not having dogs on the beach during the main daylight hours.

The Communities Policy and Advisory Committee recommended to Cllr Geoff Brown that all bylaws and Dog Control Orders relating to dogs on beaches previously made by Caradon District Council, Kerrier, North Cornwall , Penwith, Carrick, Restormel Borough Council and Cornwall Council, are revoked. It was also recommended the new council administration continues to review the transition from Dog Control Orders to Public Spaces Protection Orders, taking into account the Communities Policy Advisory Committee’s views on harmonisation of the dates and times of beach prohibition and taking advice from the council’s legal services.

By Warren Wilkins 8th February 2017

Mr A Jones 10th February 2017 11:56
We have been going to Porth Beach Holiday Park with our touring caravan for over 40years and was disappointed by the dog ban on the Beach. Dogs don´t deposit rubbish and broken glass on the sand, responsible dog owners clean up after the dogs, to which we now take our holiday elsewhere.
DC 25th March 2017 08:49
Sadly not all dog owners are responsible as can be seen by the amount of dog do and poo bags littering the streets and hedges. Dogs and people don´t mix on the beach especially in the summer. Their action put me right off my pasty!
Elaine 13th April 2017 12:25
Its 12.22 just looked on Porth Beach webcam and as usual the dogs are having a great run around on the beach, isn´t there a ban on dogs between 9am and 7pm at this time of year? As i commented previously, which seems to have been deleted, who will police the ban?
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