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News Archive > General > Major plans for iconic venue

Major plans for iconic venue

By Warren Wilkins 18th September 2013

Major plans for iconic venue

AN iconic Newquay venue is earmarked to be demolished to make way for apartments.

A developer has submitted plans to knock down the former Fosters public house and club on Narrowcliff and construct 49 apartments. The scheme (right) involves building 34 two-bedroomed and 15 one-bedroomed apartments, along with 67 parking spaces.

The premises, which has been derelict since 2009, previously operated as the WestCoast restaurant and bar, Pippa’s Restaurant and was the King Mark pub in the 1970s. JSA Architects, on behalf of the developer, Enterprise Inns, stated: “The existing building has suffered in recent years from a lack of viable investment and increased degradation due to the prolonged periods of vacancy and a lack of maintenance by previous tenants.”

“The application seeks to create a sustainable, high quality residential development that makes more efficient use of a edundant, previously developed site on the utskirts of Newquay town centre.

“The proposed evelopment scheme would result in an economically viable residential development that would regenerate a historically problematic and redundant site whilst contributing towards the housing targets for the borough.

“The rear element of the building should be reduced to three storeys to create a better relationship with the existing town houses in Barrowfield View.”

Tretherras Cornwall councillor, Pat Lambshead, has given his backing to the scheme, but Newquay Town Council has objected, stating there is a lack of affordable housing.

Cllr Lambshead said: “Apart from the fact that the site has been an
eyesore for several years, having studied the drawings and plans I am excited by the prospect of what I would call an impressive new building at the beginning of Narrowcliff which, with the Rocklands building at the other end of the road, would set off what is one of the main tourist areas of Newquay.

“The design has been achieved in a sensitive manner, taking into account the waves of the ocean and reinterpreting them onto the building in the form of the balconies and roof.

“The difficult shape and falling ground must have been a challenge to the architects who have, in my view, succeeded in their endeavours.

“Personally, I would have preferred a hotel there but one has to be realistic.”
Newquay Town Council has raised concerns about the housing complex’s access onto Narrowcliff.

A spokesman said: “We welcome the demolition of the existing building and development of a quality building, however we object to the lack of affordable housing.

“We have some concerns on access to the Narrowcliff and would welcome a report from Highways on access to the Narrowcliff from the proposed development.”

By Warren Wilkins 18th September 2013

carl hebb 27th December 2014 15:42
topside of chester road shopping centre to the building in question the whole area loos a mess including the old fort wayne hotel site and monsterous flats flats in between sad to see the old king mark pub in such a mess run by bill hibbert in the 70,s what the hell has happened pull it down one more building site would do no harm newquay is starting to resemble berlin in1945 whats next the old harvester down from the godolphin by the la felica site which only lasted 47 years from new all very sad
John Nelley 15th June 2017 21:47
Worked for a season at the great King Mark under Bill Hibberts´ management in 70s and was instrumental in getting upstairs back into decent shape and it is unimaginal that the grand old girl has fallen so far as to warrant destruction.
Many treasured memories echoed by a great reference from Bill from that time.
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